Troopers save man who fell through ice – March 7, 2010

Brighton Post troopers were dispatched to assist a 27-year-old male who had fallen through the ice on the pond behind his parent’s home.  Both parents were on the ice attempting to rescue him when the troopers arrived.  As the mother lay on the ice holding her son’s head above the water, a trooper deployed a Res-Q disk.  The victim’s father secured the line around his torso to further support the partially submerged subject, as well as to secure a lifeline for emergency extrication.  The troopers then carried a large wooden dock from nearby onto the ice, pushing it out to the three victims.  The troopers then pulled the 5’11”, 300-pound man from the water onto the wooden dock and dragged him back to the shore, where additional emergency responders were waiting.  The man and his parents were treated by medical personnel and then released.

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