Stolen Twice – March 2, 2010

A motor carrier officer attempted to stop a flatbed wrecker near the Ambassador Bridge for not having a license plate.  After a short pursuit, the driver abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot.  A search of the area with the assistance of an MSP canine team was unsuccessful.  Because the vehicle had not been reported stolen, it was towed and impounded for further investigation.

While the officer was at the post completing another complaint, the towing company called to report the impounded vehicle was just stolen from their lot.  The driver of the vehicle smashed through the impound fence to gain access.

A Be-On-the-Lookout was issued for the vehicle, and shortly after, the U.S. Border Patrol located the occupied vehicle near the original traffic incident and arrested the driver. The driver may have purchased the vehicle recently, as he had the title in his pocket.  The investigation continues; multiple charges are pending authorization.


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