4-mile, 4-hour canine track ends in arrest – Feb. 25, 2010

East Tawas Post troopers were alerted to and responded to a breaking and entering in progress.  The neighbors, who were already on the outlook due to a breaking and entering committed at this residence two weeks prior, observed a suspicious all-terrain vehicle (ATV).  A neighbor chased down the ATV, which was pulling a stolen trailer filled with stolen items.  The neighbor pulled in front of the ATV to force the operator to stop, and then removed the keys from the ATV.  The suspect then ran to the neighbor’s vehicle and removed those keys, attempting to bargain an exchange to get the ATV keys back.  The neighbor told the suspect to keep the keys, citing the fact that troopers were on their way.  The suspect then fled into the woods.

Two canine teams responded to the location and tracked the suspect for four hours and more than four miles, eventually finding the suspect hiding under some brush.  Located on the suspect were numerous burglary tools, his Michigan identification card and the neighbor’s vehicle keys he had stolen just hours prior.

The suspect is facing eight charges, ranging from breaking and entering to driving while license suspended, with additional charges on the previous breaking and entering to follow.

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