Leaking fluid leads troopers to suspect – Feb. 8, 2010

Several larcenies from buildings and residential break-ins occurred in Gratiot County in which large metal items were stolen. Today, another break-in was reported at a rural residence with metal items, including a stove, large drill press, motors and tools were stolen.

An Ithaca Post trooper responded to investigate and found tire impressions and boot prints in the snow, along with what appeared to be leaking transmission fluid from a vehicle.  The trooper followed the trail of leaking fluid for eight miles on back roads before losing the track.

The trooper consulted with the post detective, who was able to provide a list of  subjects who had taken metal items to various salvage yards in bordering counties.  One subject on the list lived approximately one mile from where the red fluid track ended.  The officers drove to his home and found a pickup truck loaded with the newly stolen items and leaking red fluid. The garage was also full of items taken from other crimes.

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