Trooper 2 activity – Jan. 22, 2010

The MSP helicopter assigned to southeast Michigan, dubbed Trooper 2, responded to a variety of calls on this date. On the east side of Detroit, a man jumped out of a vehicle and began shooting at another vehicle. The shooter was described as wearing a red hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans. Trooper 2 located the suspect hiding on the porch of a house and observed him enter the home. Trooper 2 directed Detroit Police officers to the location; officers surrounded the home and talked the subject out.

Trooper 2 later responded to the west side of Detroit where three men burst into a home firing shotguns, shooting one victim in the back. The suspects were reported to be one block south of 7 Mile and three blocks west. Trooper 2 was overhead and assisted in the recovery of the suspects, the weapon and shell casings.

Next, Trooper 2 responded to a breaking and entering in progress at a business. As the helicopter approached overhead, Detroit Police officers reported losing sight of the suspect during a foot pursuit down an alley. Trooper 2 lit up the area and began checking surrounding backyards. The helicopter’s forward looking infrared device (FLIR) indicated a hot spot underneath an abandon car. Trooper 2 advised ground units, who responded to the area and located the suspect.

Trooper 2 then traveled about six blocks south to the last known location of the second suspect and spotted a subject matching the description. The subject tried to blend in with a group of people when the helicopter’s spotlight fell on him. Trooper 2 advised ground units to follow their beam of light and the second suspect was taken into custody.

While Trooper 2 was backing up a Dearborn police officer on a traffic stop, Southfield police officers broadcast a be-on-the-lookout for a male who fired three rounds into his ex-wife’s apartment near 8 Mile and Shiawassee. While en route to the area, another call came in from a different resident who advised a man had just walked by carrying a gun. Trooper 2 arrived overhead as the first two patrol cars pulled into the very large apartment complex.  Trooper 2 began orbiting the perimeter of the complex to contain the suspect. Additional patrol units and a canine team also arrived. Officers eventually found the suspect hiding by a brick wall and took him into custody.


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