Armed Robbery Solved – Dec. 12, 2009

A gas station in Muskegon Township was robbed at gunpoint and the subject fled the scene on foot. An MSP canine team, Grand Haven Post troopers and Sixth District Hometown Security Team members responded.

The canine tracked the subject through a neighborhood and wooded area before the track was lost in the front yard of a house. While officers continued to search the area, the canine located a backpack in the woods behind the house.  The bag contained a handgun, mask and shoes that matched footprint impressions found at the scene of the robbery.

Using this information, troopers and Muskegon Township officers identified a suspect and interviewed him. They were given consent to search the suspect’s residence and vehicle, resulting in the discovery of the stolen money and cigarettes, as well as the clothes the suspect was wearing during the robbery.

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