10 kilos of Coke, 2 kilos of Heroin – Dec. 1, 2009

A trooper assigned to the Fifth District Hometown Security Team conducted a traffic stop on eastbound I-94 near Berrien County.  The trooper’s conversation with the driver led to a consent search of the vehicle.  Upon inspecting the vehicle, after-market speaker wire was located under the dash.  Additionally, under the rear of the vehicle, where the spare tire should have been, troopers noticed black under-spray and a depth discrepancy between the underside of the van and the interior floor.  Upon removing the rear seats and looking under the carpet, more speaker wire was observed.  Eventually, using the speaker wire, access to a hidden compartment was gained.   Located inside were 10 kilograms of cocaine and two kilograms of heroin.  Follow-up investigation continues with assistance from the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Second District Hometown Security Team.

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