Not a typical Thanksgiving meal – Nov. 26, 2009

A Jonesville Post trooper was investigating a missing person complaint two days ago when he uncovered information about an active methamphetamine lab in the Camden area.  Based on this information, he checked the pseudoephedrine sales log at the local Wal-Mart and discovered the suspects had purchased pills yesterday.  With this information, the trooper secured a search warrant for the suspects’ residence.   When troopers entered the front door, they discovered the suspects were actively cooking meth.  Two suspects picked up the active cook, which was in a two-liter pop bottle, and ran out the back door.  Unfortunate for them, they ran into two waiting troopers and were arrested.

In addition to the active meth cook, troopers found finished meth products, meth components, marijuana and an illegally harvested deer.  Four suspects were arrested on a total of 20 felony counts.  Troopers were assisted by the Hillsdale County Sheriff’s Office and a Department of Natural Resources conservation officer.

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